Why Taiyiie ?

The power supply is an important component of any electrical appliance. A malfunction of the power supply may cause severe personal injury or damage. EU-regulations require, that the importer assumes full responsibility for the compliance of all products  sold within the EU with all applicable laws and directives. The importer issues the Declaration of CE-Conformity in his sole responsibility.

Manufacturers of elctrical appliances using external power supplies purchase power supplies from third party. Therefor the European importer has no control over the manufacturing quality of the power supply, but assumes total repsonsibility for any malfunction of this component..

You purchase your appliance from a specialized, experienced manufacturer - so why not buying the power supply from an experienced and qualified source as well ?

Taiyiie´s many years of  experience in the manufacturing of low voltage power supplies enables us to combine customer requirements and production quality in an a perfect way. Apart from stringent in-house quality acceptance procedures, all products are subject to further tests by TUEV South and Berg & Lukowiak GmbH, Hüllhorst, Germany, where random samples taken from each production are tested for norm compliance and product safety.

Total quality is our aim – for small, large and very large production lots.

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